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Our WineMaking process is of high quality and great intensity

The Journey Begins in the Vineyard

Our Cabernet grapes come from vineyards in the northern and southern parts of Napa Valley as well as different elevations, and soil types. The vines are tightly spaced to promote stress to produce small berries with intense fruit flavors and a great balance of acidity and pH. The nights are cool and the days are warm with very good sun exposure which allows the fruit to mature in balance. Cool nights create conditions that allow for a slow accumulation of sugar and a long hang time to reach full maturity of flavors and soft tannins. Harvesting decisions are based upon walking and tasting the maturity of the berries.

The impact of aging in the right barrels should not be understated

Mike's extensive experience with French oak barrels has given us a rare understanding of the balance of the wine and the wood; never to overpower but to create texture and nuance.

We use 70 to 90% new French Oak barrels and the remaining barrels used only once before. The process of aging in barrels can be 19 to 24 months. We taste the wines monthly to watch how the wine is aging and the wood is integrating. The change of the wine from month-to-month with the slow maturity of the wine tannins and the integration of French oak barrels is a pleasure to savor.


Lucas and I chose to make a Cabernet Sauvignon blend as our signature wine

Mike's experience at Opus One over 21 years was making world class Cabernets and of course that would be our signature wine. Our goal is to create a wine of high intensity with silky texture and fine tannins. One that will be drinkable upon release but will age well from respected high-quality vineyard sites.

We believe that extraction during fermentation is essential to high quality and great intensity. The use of French oak barrels from cooperages that I know well will complement the style of wine Euclid is meant to embody. With that in mind, we believe our Euclid Cabernets have a style (our fingerprints) that is consistent in style and quality from vintage to vintage.

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